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Favorite Websites
This section is for random current projects that didn't make the favorites category but are still solid designs. These are full websites, not to be viewed on mobile devices, so please feel free to visit again later from a computer.
Cheeky Box - 2012
Cheeky Box
Cheeky Box came to us with no logo, photos, or business plan and got an amazing website in return. Sadly they couldn't afford to build it.
Syndicated Solar - 2012
Syndicated Solar
This site has been built and rebuilt over and over. Who knows where it will stop, this version was one of the better ones, minus the contact form.
Banished Shirts - 2012
Banished Shirts
Though I would never buy these juvenile shirts, I would definitely stay on the website and look around simply because it's so artistic.
PayLeap home page- 2012
PayLeap Home Page
Another PayLeap site. This design is all branding, working the company colors and logos into a clean and easy interface. A fast, easy project.
Autovisionz - 2012
Autovisionz also came to us with no logo, or photos, and also got an awesome design in return. Not my favorite site, but still solid.
High on Demand - 2012
High on Demand
I rarely do these types of freestyle layouts, but I definitely found this specific site to be fun and interesting to work on.
Bella Notte - 2012
Bella Notte
Another freestyle layout with an on the fly logo, the Bella Notte site had great potential. This design was never developed but was fun.
Naturasil Rebuild - 2012
Naturasil Rebuild
Although the earlier design was so much better, eventually the Naturasil site was converted to this, overcrowded layout. Good brand, too bad.
In House Audio - 2012
In House Audio
A good logo and stark colors made this site come together quickly. It didn't stay this nice, but started with a great base for their products.
My Weekend - 2012
My Weekend
The My Weekend site also started beautiful and simple. It too became something else before completion but was a great initial design.
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Spiral Dance - 2012 (mobile edit)
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