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Favorite Websites
Here you can find assorted thumbnails of some of the most memorable websites I’ve designed for Madwire Media. These are full websites, not to be viewed on mobile devices, so please feel free to visit again later from a computer.
Colorado Eagles Pre-Concept - 2012
The Colorado Eagles
An opportunity that speaks for itself. Thank you Madwire Media for making it happen! Shown only in pre-concept here, stay tuned!
BIXPO - 2012
BIXPO 2012
The BIXPO 2012 concept was a fun project. I appreciate the look of this site for the impact of the strong colors and the bold brand.
South Seas Skin Care - 2012
South Seas Skin Care
A very difficult project for a very picky client that ended up with numerous designs. A great brand with a beautiful concept in progress.
Subaru of Loveland - 2012
Subaru of Loveland
I always enjoy designing automotive sites. Good imagery and strong logos are so easy to work with. This site came together quickly.
Colorado Ice - 2011
The Colorado Ice
Another exciting project was the Colorado Ice Football design. Though difficult at times, I'm very proud to have worked on this website.
Open Gear - 2012
Open Gear
Open Gear had a great logo and a strong color range. This concept was not used but had a great feel and I still like much about it.
Avalon Motorsports German Auto - 2012
Avalon Motorsports
I've designed numerous websites for Avalon Motorsports. I love these projects and have multiple examples of them in my portfolio.
Thompson Valley Online - 2012
Thompson Valley Online
A good logo, bold colors, and a website that will help an overall community... all the makings of a great project that went very quickly.
PayLeap P4 - 2012
Payleap P4
I have worked on numerous PayLeap projects as well. This design was for their P4 program and is one of my favorite layouts for them.
Lean Cookie - 2012
Lean Cookie
I don't like sweets or health food, but I would buy this product based on the website. Beautiful look, great product, and a very fun project.

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